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UR Aware supports purpose-driven people.

UR Aware Coaching Success Stories

The UR Aware Community consists of people who are corporate and non-profit executives, professors and attorneys. They are community leaders and people of influence. They are authors, entrepreneurs and trailblazers. All of these phenomenal people have made a commitment to live a life of purpose on purpose. Learn More

A life-changing experience

“Rhonda uses her keen intuition to challenge and empower you to think deeply, move away from everything no longer serving you, and harness your God-given abilities.”

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Pursue my opportunities

“My experience with Rhonda is one that has changed my entire outlook on what I do and how it all aligns with my dreams and goals.”

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“I am thankful for Rhonda for helping me envision my next steps and my future dream job. Since we met, I graduated from my PhD program and just finished my first year as a tenure-track professor at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio.”

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Become a more thoughtful, reflective and empowered leader.

“I interviewed several coaches and Rhonda was an easy choice. I like to say she spoke to my head and my heart. She also came highly recommended from several women who I respect and admire.”

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Being My True Self

“Rhonda is a coaches’ coach…If you’re looking for a leader and a strategic partner to help guide you to an elevated sense of thought, belief, and action — then Rhonda is exactly who you’ve been looking for.”

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“I sincerely want to thank Rhonda for helping me learn the necessary tools that will alter in a wonderful way the landscape of my personal and professional legacy!”

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“I’m excited about this new phase of growth that I’m experiencing. Rhonda empowered me to see who I really am. I’ve dreamed, I’ve decided and now I’m doing it!”

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UR Aware Testimonial by Tamara K

“Coaching with Rhonda Ware made me uncomfortable with leading from the back. I have been given the tools to lead from the front.”

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Broaden your vision

“Rhonda marshals her lawyering skills, leadership skills, compassion, and keen intuition, to empower you to acknowledge where you are, let go of what doesn’t serve you, and help you define and reach your professional personal goals from a position of power and positivity.”

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“Not certain of the direction of your life or your purpose? This amazing woman who I now call a dear friend, will stretch you and give you the tools to create and live the life you desire.”

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UR Aware Testimonial by Christina S

Forever Changed

“This experience will forever change how I look at myself, my career, and my life.”

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Become what you say you believe

“Rhonda Ware helped me pull my WHOLE life together! She challenged me to expand my thinking about not only my business, but myself.”

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Fortifying My Purpose and Transforming My Life

“From a discovery phase, to identifying and expressing my leadership and entrepreneurial gifts, Rhonda has helped me fully embrace what I want for me, my family, my organization and clients.”

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Sharing Authentic Gifts
“I find that after my conversations with Rhonda, I see possibilities and opportunities in new ways. Rhonda has encouraged me to share my authentic gifts in new ways. She is insightful, invitational, and inspiring!”

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“She challenged me to look beyond the old story I kept telling myself and gave me the tools to truly see my potential and get myself where I wanted to be.”

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Empowered to Live My Best Life

“If you are ready to know who you are and the greatness inside of you call Rhonda Ware.”

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“Rhonda walks beside me every step of the way, but I am responsible for doing the work. The results have positively impacted the way I approach all aspects of my life.”

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The Beauty of Transformation and Living Life Your Way

“In approaching this new coaching journey, I wanted to tackle this experience differently from most things in my life. I went in with a clean slate and no expectations except to come out challenged, impactful, transformed and the ability to look at my life through a new lense and a different perspective.”

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Moving Into Destiny

“As a professional female executive with more than 30 years in banking, I knew that meeting Rhonda was an answer to prayer. Her insight, depth and wealth of practical knowledge gave me the liberty to stop, reflect, shift and move into my destiny!”

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A Life Meant for You

“I call Rhonda the Soul Whisperer because her ability to help you draw within yourself is a true gift.”

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“Rhonda’s a dynamic presenter in a group setting and a fantastic coach in an individual setting.”

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“Rhonda’s coaching has helped me identify my own barriers and how to challenge myself to rise above…”

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UR Aware Testimonial by Rebecca L

Proactive Pursuit of Purpose

“Rhonda helped bring my gifts and talents to the forefront and reminded me that I have options! She demanded, in a gentle way, that I be proactive rather than reactive on the kind of life I want to live.”

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Rediscover Core Strengths

“Rhonda’s coaching services helped me rediscover my core strengths and realize the life I truly desire.”

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Breaking Through Barriers
“I thank Rhonda for helping me to push beyond my self-set limits, freeing me to consistently share my gifts and talents.”

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Confidence to Build the Life that I Desire
“I was able to clearly identify my career goals and create plans to reach them using the tools Rhonda gave me.”

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Mission to Fruition

“Through Rhonda Ware’s coaching, I was finally able to comprehend what my purpose truly is, and develop a plan of action to carry its mission to fruition.”

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I found my voice

“Rhonda guides you to the realization that your dreams are obtainable.”
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Operating at My Highest Potential
“Rhonda helped me unlearn habits that stifled my progress in my personal and professional life … [and] empowered me to operate at my highest potential and live the life that I desire.”

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“Rhonda understands that each dream, each desire, is real and once we make the decision to embrace this journey, she is here to guide us along the way!”
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“Rhonda connects with an audience with grace and ease.”
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“Rhonda is a great example for women who truly want to reach their true potential.”
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Uncovering Your Purpose

“Rhonda uses questions to help you discover answers for yourself with the intention of empowering you to become your best self.”
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Manifesting Goals and Dreams
“Rhonda has given me vital strategies and tools for success that I will use throughout my lifetime.”

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Life-Changing Experience
“I appreciated Rhonda’s personal approach and the fact that I wasn’t just getting a “cookie cutter” coaching guide, but an opportunity to work with someone who valued my life as well as her work.”

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Trust My Intuition

“Rhonda helped keep me grounded, focused, and hopeful. She encouraged me to trust my intuition, to look inside for guidance and direction.”
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Living On Purpose

“Rhonda Ware introduced a new life chapter – defining my greatness & seeing the future me.”

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Confidence to Leap

“Like a springboard, Rhonda Ware helped build my confidence. I am now willing to leap so I can find what makes me happy.”

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“Several women came up to me after the session to say Rhonda’s words inspired them to reach within.”
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Discover Core Desires

“Rhonda helped me discover what my core desires were and she equipped me with life-long skills and exercises to help me chart and navigate my path.”

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“Rhonda has that rare and much desired ability to listen to the discussion at hand very carefully and distill the conversation to the salient points.”
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UR Aware Speaking Presentations

Rhonda Ware empowers and engages audiences to shake ambiguity, embrace their innate gifts and strengths and make a decision to live a life of purpose on purpose. Learn More

Northwestern Mutual – How To Make A Real Impact

Keynote Speaker and Leadership Advisor

“I learned that I should focus on my strengths and what I love about myself so I can be a better person in life and in my career. I realized negative thoughts are not in my DNA and I have the capability to change how I think and how I take action.”

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TEMPO Milwaukee — Emerging Women Leaders: Professional Development Workshop

Keynote Presenter

“I’m so impressed with Rhonda’s professional, yet approachable manner from the beginning planning stages and throughout her session at our event. Her process is straightforward and her message inspiring.”

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Baird — Breaking the Mold Conference

Breakout Session Keynote

“A major takeaway from Rhonda’s presentation was that it’s ok to be aware of the strengths you posses. Use them to outshine any negative thoughts… that way you and others can see the real you.”

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BMO WISE Women’s Affinity Group


“Rhonda added her sage advice to a discussion on how to find your superpowers in difficult moments. We’re always fortunate to have the opportunity to have Rhonda share her wisdom with us. #smartestwomaninmilwaukee”

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Unity Gospel House of Prayer — Power of Prayer Brunch


“I knew that engaging Rhonda Ware as our guest speaker would be just what the ladies needed to catapult them into a new year of growth and purpose.”

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School Sisters of Notre Dame Central Pacific Province — Women’s Leadership Luncheon


“An attendee emailed me a couple days later and said that because of Rhonda’s presentation, she is taking the next step to make a change in her life.”

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Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health


“I can tell you that as a keynote speaker, Rhonda fills the room with passion, humor, and inspiration. She is knowledgeable, authentic, and she is a true champion of women.”

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Images of Us Sports —
One On One With Series


“We keep coming back to Rhonda because of her strengths to bring out the best in who she is interviewing.”

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22 Years of public speaking • Thousands of

transformed lives.


Heidelberg, Germany
Mannheim, Germany

United States
Auburn, Alabama
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Sacramento, California
Air Force Academy, Colorado
Daytona Beach, Florida
Lawrence, Kansas
Lexington, Kentucky
Boston, Massachusetts

Ann Arbor, Michigan
East Lansing, Michigan
Gainesville, Florida
Orlando, Florida
Chicago, Illinois
University of Iowa
Cincinnati, Ohio
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nashville, Tennessee
Austin, Texas
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
Waukesha, Wisconsin

"Over the years I’ve facilitated numerous trainings with Rhonda for male and female groups of college student-athletes, coaches and administrators. As a result, I’ve witnessed first-hand her ability to connect with —and inspire— people, no matter the topic or setting. I’d also like to add that she’s an all around pleasure to work with and a thoughtful, meticulous planner who knows her stuff."

Duane dF, M.A.
Owner, Educator. Media Critic. Activist, MA

"I am the trainer/facilitator that I am because I was blessed to have learned from Rhonda Ware sooo many years ago. People ask me how I learned to be so good, and I share with them the story of you. How you approached presenting and how you were able to draw people into you and the conversation using your intellect, your wit, and your creativity especially when there was resistance. I am so thankful to Rhonda because I am where I never thought I would be because of her imprint on my life."

Lisa M.
Assistant Director of Training, The Center for the Study of Sport in Society, MA

"I have witnessed Rhonda Ware present for college athletes and administrators in Florida and a leadership summit in Chicago. Rhonda makes an immediate connection with audiences. Her positive mindset and deliberate insertions of personal stories and disclosures of life's lessons inspired and empowered participants to acknowledge their own inner strength and to think and feel beyond themselves in the service of others. Rhonda helped the participants see, through their own eyes, that the power to make real change lies within each one of them."

Alan H.
Director of the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Leadership Institute, Center for Violence Prevention, University of Northern Iowa

"I worked with Rhonda in 2016 as a facilitator, as we educated and trained George Westinghouse High School students on violence prevention using the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) model.

Rhonda was especially knowledgeable and personal and brought a calming and neutral perspective on issues that were historically considered to be "women issues". Rhonda showed patience and listened attentively as each student shared their own experience, and triumphs/struggles regarding the impact violence have played in their lives. In each student group, Rhonda showed her ability to adapt to the demographic and communicate in a way that the students could understand and feel comfortable engaging and disclosing very personal stories.

It is important to reintegrate Rhonda’s calming spirit; it is not easy discussing some of these tough subjects that we all go through, and it takes someone who Is well-versed in these areas, along with someone who can manage different personalities, have a neutral and unbiased approach, and the patience the allow each group to have its own culture… and be okay with that; Rhonda did that, and I appreciate her work."

Jaycee Bryant II, M.S.W.

Work with UR Aware

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